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Remy Biosciences is committed to innovation and bringing products and new therapies to market that will significantly improve people's lives. We are founded by a group of passionate professionals with significant expertise and proven track records in the field of life sciences, manufacturing and finance.

Our patented transdermal patch , which is already in production, provides an effective way to administer medicinal compounds through the skin, directly into the bloodstream of patients, bypassing the complicated digestive process entirely. In a preliminary study, our patch delivered over 700% more active ingredient than the existing market leader’s product. This disruptive drug and nutrient delivery system enables us to develop effective solutions for medical and lifestyle pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals in multiple categories, including the booming field of medical cannabis.

In addition to patches, the Company has developed sublingual pills, topical cream and other delivery solutions which will further increase our reach in the medical and wellness industry.

Medical Cannabis


Remy Biosciences's transdermal patch is ideally suited for the controlled delivery of Cannabidiol (CBD), an extraction from hemp and the cannabis plant, and medicinal cannabis. CBD has been shown to exhibit remarkable medicinal benefits in an increasing number of scientific studies. Learn more about this exciting new area of therapies from the links below.



Remy Biosciences’s patches systematically deliver active ingredients for up to 24 hours. The transdermal application of the patch allows the active ingredient to be absorbed through the skin, and directly into the blood stream. The patch is made of thin and flexible material that is comfortable to wear. While everyone can use this product, it is particularly well suited for the young and the elderly who may have difficultly swallowing pills.

Transdermal Patch

Remy Biosciences’s sublingual products deliver the active ingredient by dissolving under your tongue. The pills quickly dissolve and deliver product into your blood directly from the reception tissue. The active ingredients in sublingual pills are absorbed quickly. This delivery method is easier than swallowing a pill, and it bypasses the stomach digestive system.

Sublingual Delivery

Remy Biosciences’s topical cream formulations can be applied directly to the surface of skin. These products are easy to use and can be applied directly to the affected areas. They are not greasy and they quickly absorb into the skin.

Topical Cream



  • I was given a patch to try out for lower back pain when I came back from deployment. I am a veteran now, and the patch has helped with my PTSD pain as well as keeping my muscle spasms to a minimum.

    Tara W Age 36, Female, Los Angeles, CA Multiple Locations – 48 Hours
  • I've been working diligently to loose weight for the past year. As you can imagine some days after the gym leave me feeling super sore. Remy Biosciences's patch is discrete and helps me get through the rest of my day with out the annoying sore muscles! It has helped me keep going and keeps my motivation in full swing!

    Lidia G Age 34, Female, Los Angeles, CA Lower Back & Knees – 48 Hours
  • I've been farming for over 40 years and some days the physical pain is just too much to get anything done. I tried out Remy Biosciences's patch and I was surprised, it really works! I could use the push mower pain free!

    Bernie B Age 67, Male, Abeline, KS Shoulder Blades – 1 Week
  • After my car wreck 2 years ago I have been learning how to walk again. The journey has been difficult with pain in areas I had no idea existed! I was on every pain medication known, but they all made me feel foggy and not like myself. The Hybrid patch has given me the relief from the pain and has allowed me to focus on what is really important, RECOVERY and the best part, I feel like myself again!

    Marcie P Age 36, Female, Abeline, KS Multiple Locations – 1 Week
  • I was previously prescribed a heavy pain killer for my menstrual cramps and nausea, I dreaded taking them because my motivation was also killed. I felt completely out of it. After using Remy Biosciences's patch I was relieved from the cramps, and didn't feel the urge to throw up from the pain. I use them once a month now, and feel SO much better about using an all natural product than a pill that caused me more stress. I love Remy Biosciences's patches

    Sara M Age 28, Female, Burbank, CA Menstrual Cramps – 1 Week
  • I threw my shoulder out pitching for baseball in college. I still get extreme aches and pains with normal movement. Remy Biosciences's patch was AWESOME! I will be using it more regular when I get a stiff shoulder.

    Dan H Age 25, Male, Los Angeles, CA Right Shoulder – 48 Hours
  • It felt like I slept wrong and I had a kink in my neck. I used the patch for a couple days and it reduced the pinching feeling. I was able to stretch and work the strain out.

    Eric B Age 33, Male, Los Angeles, CA Back of neck – 48 Hours
  • I slipped while rock climbing and fractured my tibia. I was given a patch to put on it until I could get in to town to the doctor. It started reducing the pain and swelling within the hour. The doctor was even impressed!

    Johnny C Age 38, Male, San Diego, CA Shin – 24 Hours
  • I have several “problem areas”. But I mostly put the patch on my knee to keep the swelling and aching pain at bay. I also use the patch for menstrual cramps, as well as lower back. I use them all over. I love them.

    Laila B Age 32, Female, Los Angeles, CA Multiple Locations – 24 to 48 Hours
  • I used the Patch for lower back pain & stiffness from horse riding. I'm a professional exercise rider & also jump horses. Even with a regular yoga practice, my back is often sore. Using the Patch, I experienced immediate relief from stiffness & soreness, especially when I applied it at the end of the day before bed. I felt relaxed & comfortable. The relief lasted into the next day, as well. I would recommend the Patch to anyone who is active & experiences chronic muscle soreness.

    Nicole B Professional Racehorse Jocket, Show Jumper Horse Trainer Lower back – 24 to 48 Hours
  • I have been thrilled with the results of the CBD patch. I’ve been an athlete my entire life (as a rower on the US National Team for 10 years and now a horse trainer of 22 competitive show jumpers). I’ve had a variety of injuries, and many types of therapies to aid recovery, and I have to say that the CBD is the single most effective addition to my program. After 3 months of a nagging and acute hip flexor injury, I tried the patch. After about a week of gradual improvement, I woke up one morning to a 100% pain free leg and have since had absolutely no pain.

    Molly B Horse Trainer, USNational Team Rower and Show Jumper Hip area – 1 Week

Proven Advantage

Up to 700% increase in absorption rate of CBD through human cadavar skin.



Bruce Cahill


Bruce Cahill


Mr. Cahill was the CEO and founder of Centaur Corporation. As a leader in the tech/semiconductor industry, his firm had sales in excess of $1 billion for 13 years in a row. He has founded numerous companies and has led sales organizations for over 30 years. He serves as a Trustee for Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and the University of California Irvine. He also sits on the executive committee of numerous philanthropic entities. Mr. Cahill holds a bachelor’s degree and an honorary doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Indiana State University.

Greg Cullen


Greg Cullen


Mr. Cullen is the president and founder of Harvard Investment Group, which was established in 1995 to make direct investments and provide consulting services to startups and other ventures. Since its inception, Harvard Investment Group and Mr. Cullen have lead investments in dozens of transactions with a combined value of approximately $100 million. Mr. Cullen has an extensive banking and finance background. Mr. Cullen holds a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ludwig Weimann


Ludwig Weimann


Dr. Wiemann has been involved in the development of transdermal patches and patch technology for over three decades. He has successfully developed a plethora of transdermal patch formulations starting in the early 1980s including two FDA approved generic transdermal systems: the Nitroglycerine patch and the Estrogen patch, both presently marketed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Weimann hold a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Poznan University and did Post-Doctoral training at Kansas University and the University of Missouri – Kansas City. He has authored 15 peer reviewed publications and has received 18 patents relevant to the business of the Company.

Research & Development



Our multi-dimensional company is committed to rethinking the traditional approach to pharmaceutical applications. Cutting edge science is at the heart of our mission to bring innovative ways of delivering common drugs and nutrients to patients across the globe. Every one of our products is carefully formulated and thoroughly tested to ensure maximum efficacy. Under the seasoned leadership of Dr. Ludwig Weimann, Remy Biosciences continues to translate advanced science and technologies into therapies that matter the most.

Read more about our patented transdermal deliver solution.


Remy Biosciences brings cutting edge science to the market through world class manufacturing capabilities. Our proprietary, custom built production equipment can produce patches with the quality and consistency that our clients demand. It is the goal of the Company to consistently produce products that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. We have several production facilities located in the United States and are now beginning to expand overseas.


Remy Biosciences is in the process of establishing relationships across the globe with partners well-known in their respective markets. As emerging markets begin to establish their own pharmaceutical supply chains, they will demand greater safety and quality in manufacturing products. Remy Biosciences's team of experts and innovators are working to close the gap between the emerging and established markets throughout the world.